Some key features to consider when choosing a Home Alarm System

Statistics show that millions of houses are the Home-Security-Systems
victim of criminal activities, such as vandalism and burglary,
every year. What’s an even scarier prospect is the fact that
the number is expected to rise every year by 1-2 percent.

Installing an alarm system in your house, in such a case,
is the best way to protect yourself and the
family from burglars, intruders and the likes.

There are various types of house alarm systems suited for
commercial and residential premises.
The main overall benefit of installing such an alarm system is
that it will give you the ability to respond in a
rapid manner in case something happens.

These are the top features of a house alarm system that you should be on the lookout for.

Integrated Control Panel
An integrated control panel is the core of the home security system. In essence, it is the station where
all information is being processed. Any relevant information that can help provide the house stay
secured will be sent to the monitoring station.

Back-up Power
A good house security system should come with rechargeable batteries, in addition to the regular power
option. This helps ensure that the system can work uninterrupted in the event of a power outage in the

Alarm Monitoring
Once the alarm is activated a central monitoring option should be activated. This could involve the alarm system
calling a predefined number or set of numbers and also could involve calling a central guard or police station to
alert them of the alarm being activated.

Alarm Trigger
The best house alarm system should come with an alarm trigger feature. This basically alerts any
intruders or burglars the house is protected by a house alarm system, which in most cases is enough to
deter them from continuing their act.

CCTV option
It wouldn’t be a complete system if you don’t have the ability to check in real-time the condition within
and outside the perimeter of your establishment. CCTV can be installed to run at all times or triggered
by motion. This means, the camera will start recording and alerting you when it detects movement. The
recording will be sent to a storage device.

Voice Notification Feature
A home security system that comes with a voice feature allows you to check on the latest security status
easily, as the notification will be read out by the system. No longer will you have to check manually for
the status every couple of hours. You can simply set the system to automatically read it out.

Smoke Detection
In addition to help deter burglars and intruders, a good home security system should come with smoke
detection feature. Making it an integrated part of the security system ultimately provides assurance
that any sign of irregular activities within the house itself, such as possible fire hazard, will be reported
directly to the nearest fire station.

After-Sales Service
All too often you buy something only to be disappointed by the lack of after sales service. Hence, make
sure that the home security system comes with good after-sales service, which include full assistance
during the installation and monitoring process, as well as when the system is not functioning properly
and need repairing. Buying from reputable sources ultimately guarantees better protection for your

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