A list of useful iPad Business Management Apps

The iPad was launched back in early 2010 and is the most Ipad
popular tablet computer. It’s also proving to be a smart
business tool.

In a recent survey conducted into iPad use 90% of respondents
indicated increased mobility and 74% indicated improved productivity
and satisfaction. Its large screen and extensive capabilities enable users
to access and control every part of their business on the move.

We have assembled a list of business management tools that are available for the iPad

These tools:

SyncPad is the ultimate whiteboard for remote and local collaboration. Would you like to share your ideas with a coworker but you are out of town? Don’t worry, just create a room with your SyncPad and share the name of the room with your co-worker, who can enter in his SyncPad or simply use any browser, visiting http://mysyncpad.com/roomname.

Vabletlite best iPad Presentation App for Your Field Medical Device Sales Reps by 4Vablet. Vablet is a simple, secure and powerful enterprise content management solution for iPads and iPhones. Instantly upload or “push” content (i.e. documents, PDFs, HD video, etc.) to a single device, a customized group, or your entire network.

SalesCloud The world’s #1 sales application.Give reps, managers, and execs everything they need to connect with customers and focus on what’s important —more selling and less administration. Close more deals — faster. Gain real-time visibility into sales. Connect with today’s social customers

MicroStrategy Business Intelligence Easily transform your big data into intuitive dashboards and reports for greater analytical insights to make informed, data-driven decisions. The MicroStrategy platform makes Business Intelligence faster, easier, and more user-friendly. Enhance productivity, monitor trends and discover anomalies, and forecast business opportunities.

BoardVantage Provides board-of-directors with up to date and secure access to documents and resources for board meetings.

VMware vCloud Integration Manager Built for vCloud Service Providers, VMware vCloud Integration Manager is software that automates and streamlines delivery of cloud services to your customers. Reduce costs, increase efficiency and grow revenue by taking cloud services to market via new channels and use business insights to optimize your cloud for profit.

MobileIron’s Virtual Smartphone Platform supports both corporate-liable and individual-liable devices, offering true multi-OS management across all of the leading mobile OS platforms including Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Symbian, webOS, and Windows Phone.

Citrix Receiver provides support for virtually every kind of client, including Windows, Mac and Linux desktops and laptops; thin clients; and the latest iOS, Android, RIM and webOS tablets and smartphones.

Socialcast is an enterprise collaboration platform that unites your company’s people, data, and applications in real-time. Companies today struggle with engaging employees and increasing productivity due to communication overload and knowledge silos. Socialcast’s software creates a flexible, simple, data-rich collaborative space where employees can find information from applications, systems, and people across the enterprise.

Spotfire From interactive dashboards and data visualization to predictive analytics, Spotfire’s intuitive business intelligence and analytics software provides an astonishingly fast and flexible environment for visualizing and analyzing your data – helping you make smarter decisions every day.


We hope you find these resources of use..

The TIB team.


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