5 of the Latest Social Media tools to help you promote your Business

We have assembled a list of the best Social Media Tools Social-Media
to help you promote your business online


Everyday YouTube users like you struggle to get new
subscribers and marketing is tough without being considered spam.
Each visit to Subpals.com, the following will happen –
You will be subscribed to the 10 current Channels.
Your channel will be displayed on the homepage for more engagement.
The next 10 users to join Subpals.com will be subscribed to your Channel. That’s it!

2.ZooZ.com ZooZ provides a unique quick checkout process with multiple
payment options for higher conversion rates. With simple and transparent
pricing and no hidden fees, ZooZ lowers your processing costs and allows
you to maximize your profits.

Easily integrate our payment solution into your app with only 3 lines of code. No need for a merchant account or payment gateway, we take care of the entire payment process. ZooZ opens your business to the world and supports multiple currencies and languages. Payouts can be made to most countries around the globe.

3.GetSquareShare.com – ShareSquare is a platform for creating advanced mobile websites that can easily optimize existing website use on all smart mobile devices, like iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, iPad and many more. If a mobile visitor to your existing website is unable to quickly and easily engage your most important business objectives (for example: connect on Facebook & Twitter, watch your videos, listen to streaming audio, contact you for more info, or make a purchase via mCommerce) then a rapidly growing percentage of traffic to your website is being wasted.

4.Resfly.com – Speed up your hiring. Get more candidates, faster. Post to Multiple Job Boards, Post to the web’s most popular job boards with a single click. Resfly gets your jobs in front of millions of candidates quickly, easily, and securely. Create your first job in minutes Publish it to job boards with one click Start collecting applicants!

5.NetworkClean.com – NetworkClean monitors your social networks 24/7 with a few clicks of your mouse. Receive alerts for flagged content and set custom alerts for your profile. Remove alerted content instantly. Be alerted to comments which may damage your business or brand and act on them. Your privacy is safe and secure with NetworkClean. Add some extra power to your reputation management capabilities with this great tool.


We hope you find this list of use, thanks the TIB team


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