The importance of Social Marketing for your new Business

Setting up a new business and marketing it through Social-Media
the right channels is a must for any start-up regardless of its size,
but these days using social media platforms to promote it has become
increasingly important. Here we take a look at some of the reasons why.

With the introduction and increase in access and popularity of social media
platforms new businesses have significant marketing advantages over ones
which started up twenty years ago or more.

Digital marketing experts for instance, are amongst many professionals
who understand and advocate the use of social media tools to give
new businesses a boost and a stronger foothold in their sector.

There are thousands upon thousands of new start-ups every year and all of them are
looking for the same thing; popularity. The more visible a business or its website
the more profitable it usually is which is why new businesses need to
get onto the social media wagon as soon as possible.

Traffic Builders
Effectively using social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
will enable businesses to drive traffic to their website or physical business which
in turn will, if the web design Berkshire area experts have done their magic once again,
convert some of this traffic to paying customers and service users.

Social Media platforms provide a unique opportunity to keep in touch with customers
and “fans” for free. These communications will save a fortune on conventional advertising
such as paid for advertisements in the local newspapers and more. Social media provides a
great way for a new business to communicate new products, special offers and more.

Cost Effective Marketing
New businesses do not tend to have unlimited funds to get their enterprise off the ground.
This means that utilising free or very affordable marketing tools is not only advisable, it is
essential if the owners want to grow fast enough to continue trading.

Search Engine Optimisation
Social media and search engine optimisation are becoming more closely integrated with every update.
A strong presence on social media with properly updated details on each platform will serve to
increase the visibility of a business in the search engine listings.

Building Relationships
A business is only as strong as the loyalty of its customers and service users.
Building a relationship with these valuable groups of people may be effectively
managed online when using social media.

Brand Identity
If no-one knows about a new business no-one will buy from them or use their services.
Using social media effectively presents the opportunity to build an identity
which makes the business recognisable and trusted.

The reach of the internet spans much further than it has in the past and tools
utilised by new businesses enable them to focus their efforts on their
geographical target audience as well as other groups who may be
interested in their products and services.

The importance of social media for new businesses is such that web design Berkshire
wide agencies automatically integrate social media accounts when designing or upgrading
a website in order to maximise the exposure and traffic for the business and increase profit.


In conclusion the difference between a new business that does use social media effectively
and one which does not could quite frankly make the difference between which business
makes it past the first eighteen months of trading.


Attribute to: Duncan Cumming
Having established his career in digital sales and marketing, Duncan formed his
own SEO in Berkshire based digital marketing agency, Cayenne Red. Along with the running
of his business, Duncan spends time writing informative and helpful articles
about the different areas of online marketing.



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