Microsoft Access Training

Microsoft Access is one of the leading software Access-Training
applications used in creating business
and Organisational Databases.

As part of the Microsoft Office suite of business applications it allows
a user design a database to store key business data and query that data
to produce meaningful business information.

1. Microsoft Access Course : Cost 69.00 Duration: 10 Hours

2. Advanced Microsoft Access Course : Cost 69.00 Duration: 8 Hours

Microsoft Access has evolved over the years from earlier releases of
Access 2003, 2007,2010 to the new version Access 2013.

With Microsoft Access tools and techniques we can :

  • Create database tables to held data
  • Define the proporties of data to be input and held
  • Build relationships between table data
  • Create or Design queries to extract data from tables
  • Apply functions or calculations to the data
  • Create or design reports to display business information

We can offer training at the following levels

  • Access Introduction
  • Access Advanced

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