Green Technology Systems

In today’s business world we see energy costs
continue on their upward trend and environmental
impact issues take on greater importance.

Therefore a business needs to look at ways it can improve efficiency
and save on its energy consumption and bills as well as reducing
its environmental impact and carbon footprint.

Energy Savings = Increased profit margins

Investing in Green technology solutions will provide your Business
with overall cost savings and efficiency and secure its long term development.

Some of these Green Technology areas include:

Combined Heat and Power (CHP)
Combined Heat and Power (CHP) is where the heat produced in electricity generation is put to good use, rather than wasted into the atmosphere. This helps to reach efficiencies in excess of 80%. More info…

Rain Water Harvesting
Rainwater Harvesting Systems are increasingly being used in commercial and industrial buildings to collect, store and re-use the water for the day to day operational needs. More and more businesses are looking at ways to reduce their water needs and thus make real Savings for the Business and Environment.

Solar Energy Systems

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An innovative new Technology is emerging that could have major implications within the Renewable Energy Industry, this new Energy Generation System uses new patented Nanotechnology and is able harvest thermal Energy from natural Daylight at much greater performance levels than existing established technologies
that currently harvest energy from direct Sunlight. More info…

Thanks the TIB Team