Fleet Tracking Systems

Any business operating a fleet of service or delivery vehicles can utilise our Fleet Tracking Systems

Whether you have one vehicle or one thousand, we will help you create a source of competitive advantage for your company.

Why install GPS Fleet Management Devices?

  • You SAVE MONEY… on mobile calls.
  • More productive journeys saves labour costs..You SAVE MONEY
  • More accurate timesheets from drivers…You SAVE MONEY
  • Save on fuel…. You SAVE MONEY
  • Allocate work more efficiently..increase productivity ..You SAVE MONEY

We provide real time GPS and passive GPS Fleet tracking systems for fleet owners and dispatchers.
Unlike many of the other vehicle tracking software providers we strive to bring you a diverse collection of the most current and reliable GPS fleet management products available
on the market today.

We have a number of fleet management tools for tracking vehicles, trailers plant machinery or your
heavy equipment to improve fleet productivity, accountability, and profitability.

We carry a variety of vehicle tracking systems that aid in your dispatching, routing, recovery of lost or stolen vehicles and improving your customer service. GPS vehicle tracking software enhances fleet efficiency and provides insight into vehicle and employee activity resulting in monthly savings for your business.

We are committed to providing our customers with innovative and affordable vehicle tracking solutions. GPS Tracking Technology is now the standard in fleet management. It is an excellent way for fleet owners and managers to monitor all types of vehicles in all area of Distribution, Plant and construction.

Our GPS tracking solutions will allow you to monitor your employees and vehicles with assurance and confidence.

GPS Vehicle Tracking System – Ultimate Control of your vehicle Fleet in realtime.

With our vehicle tracking systems in your company’s vehicles, you will find a better way to
conduct fleet management and track your vehicles.

Thanks the TIB Team