Website Scanning Service

Malware Scanning Service


We have teamed up with Website Scanning Tools
to bring you a new Anti Malware website scanning service,
this is to counter the growing threat posed by
malware to website owners.

These service includes the following:

1: Website Scanning/Monitoring Service

An Online website malware scanner that monitors
your website 24/7  for malware infection.

2: Malware Detection and removal

Specialist team on hand to counter all threats and
remove malware as soon as its detected, on average
all cases are resolved within 24 hrs

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Malware is a real threat to business today

Google blacklists roughly 6,000 websites every day because
they carry some sort of Malware that is dangerous to their visitors
and most of these websites are infected without their owner’s knowledge.

Cloud Based
Our cloud based scanning service uses the latest technology to
identify any malware threat quickly.

Even though your office devices may be protected by
anti-virus Software that security may not necessarily also extend to your
Business website, also hackers like targeting small websites with
low traffic as it’s allows them to avoid detection for longer
and cause more damage and its estimated that 90% of the malware is
distributed by legitimate websites, mostly without their owner’s knowledge.

Repairing the damage of a website malware infection

It takes 7-10 days on average to repair the damage caused by a malware infection
and get your Business website details removed from various blacklists.
This can also have negative consequences to your online trade, customer relationships
and Business reputation.

scan packs

Secure your website today
Prevention is always better than cure, by preventing infection you
avoid all the unnecessary unpleasantness of dealing with an infection and the
associated consequences and damage to your online Business.