Top 5 Best Blogging Platforms for Business

When it comes to blogging, almost as well as picking the Business-Tips
topics for your blog there is a problem of picking the blog platform.
Your blog can be personal one or aimed at business purposes.

And depending on it the decision of importance of
various features will be made.

Graphic design, domain and the question of monthly price also matter.
There are lots of blogging platform now, the ones with more that ten
years of history and those which just started.

In some options they vary significantly, so don’t make the prompt
decision with choosing the platform. It’s better to get acknowledged with
the main features of the most popular platforms including the following: is a platform owned by Google. It’s one of the oldest, therefore, stable platform that is,
in addition, easy to use, even for the very beginners. For getting started, all you need is a Google account.
And yes, it’s integrated with other Google services, such as Google+ for easier
social sharing and commenting, and Google Ads.
Speaking about cons, blogger has not that many themes and styles, so your creation in decorating
your blog will be locked in the given frame. Not so popular nowadays as before, Blogger fits best for
simple blogging solutions and the ones who has their first blog. is called the most powerful and frequently used blogging platform in the world.
It also had a long history, upgraded constantly and now can offer you a real wide range of sophisticated services.
What is WordPress most appreciated for, is a huge library of themes and plugins. Using such a giant base,
you can completely customize your blog to make it something you want to see. But it’s also a key why
Wordpress can be a bit complicated for beginners to use. So, this is the most preferable area
for professionals, both bloggers and companies. was the first to refuse from traditional blogging to microblogging. As follows, the
users are encouraged to share visual content, such as photos, videos, infographics rather than
writing the long text. Among its cons you will find a lot of various themes and mobile apps,
what is a great plus for those who share and post on the go.
This is a solution for teenagers or businesses who promote visually.

Facebook notes Not actually a blog platform, but a service which offers the same main option
like the basic blog platform does. Everybody use Facebook, so, if you have a page and an average
list of friends, you don’t really need anything much to do but to write and send. It has a lot of
visitors, but don’t offer those things that the usual platforms do. is the only platform in the list that is completely paid – $8 per month or above.
Understandable drag-and-drop interface, an amazing design and themes, and available mobile apps
make it very comfortable to use. But due to price it’s preferable to use for business.

There are even more blogging platforms, maybe, less popular and with various options, so,
when determined by what is your blog for and how it should look like, it’s just a
question of time to find the best fitting solution.

Author Bio:
About the author: Paul Smith is a writer
always open to new ideas. His hobbies are writing about business and social media.

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