How to ensure you continue to reach your Online Customers in 2013

Growth in the use of Mobile Internet

With massive growth in the use of Mobile Internet and Social Media Mobile-Devices
new challenges and opportunities now exist for small business in 2013.

Here are two important observations:

1: More of your customers are probably now on the move
First of all; there is the fast growing demographic
of mobile Internet users who are using devices
like Smartphones & tablet computers
to access your website while they are on the move.

• It’s estimated that there are now 1.2 billion mobile Web users worldwide
• In the US 25 percent of mobile Web users are mobile-only.

So if you have a website you need to ensure its accessible to these users
and the variety of small and large screen devices they are using, so
you need to ensure your website is responsive or “mobile friendly”.

2: Your customers are also probably now very active on social media
Today internet users are switching to social media for product information
and peer reviews, in a recent survey it was established that 78% of
consumers trusted peer recommendations from a friend on social media
rather than ad copy direct from the manufacturer.

So if you face challenges in these areas, then we
have some recommendations for you.

1. First of all ensure that your website is responsive and can display
correctly on a wide range of screen sizes, check how it displays
on Smartphones, tablets and other new devices.

2. Ensure there are links to all of the main Social media channels on
your website in prominent places so that your customers can easily
jump to their preferred method of interaction.

3. Ideally your website should be connected to your main social media
channels so that you can update your content from one place.

Upgrade your website to a next generation website
If these areas pose a challenge to you, then the secret is to upgrade
to a new Next generation responsive website.

These websites put the most advanced solutions in your Hands for a
fraction of the cost of comparable enterprise systems. Plus there is a plethora of free ad-ons
available that provide automatic publication via these new important social media channels,
so your content only needs to be updated in one place as opposed to several.

Other benefits this will provide.
By integrating your various social media channels with your website you will continue focus for your
customer’s attention back to your website and therefore your brand and thus insure its continued success. Also as the search engines are moving towards a non-static ranking system that will measure a websites profile in terms of social engagement, so this strategy will strengthen your future search engines rankings. Your customers will see your business as being progressive and forward thinking and continue to reward you with their loyalty.


Thanks the TIB Team

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