Modern Car Technology and its improved effects on our environment

This is a great short video infographic about the environmental impact that hybrid and Eco-trim cars
have brought, Where Ford highlight the improvements in the industry.

Some interesting statistics from the video:

In 2006 London transport produced 9.6 million tonnes CO2 Emissions. That’s the weight of 208 ½ Titanic’s.

But the car manufactures have improved their green standards and these innovations have been staggering.

  • It would take 200 modern cars to produce the same emissions as a 1976 ford fiesta.

As well as electric and hybrid cars, there are a growing number of “Eco-Trim” options.

  • These are little changes like “Low resistance tyres” engine start stop functionality that makes a big different to the environment.
  • It’s these innovations that deliver the same driving experience.
    But with up to 20% better fuel efficiency and 10% reduced green house emissions by.

Because driving your car accounts 85% of total environment impact it really pays off to go
ECO and get rid of that old banger that you love!
In reality any car that you will buy today will be greener than the one it replaces.
The only choice is what shade of green do you want to be?


The end.

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