Applying social media to your Business using Twitter

Twitter is fast becoming an important business marketing tool,
If you are looking for a real time communications
application, (twitter-Marketing) Information sharing
with people of common interests (whether personal or business),
is achieved with this tool.

How to use Twitter for your small business:

  • Don’t EVER Hide Your Identity – Be Real
    When registering on Twitter, do not leave out any field on
    the profile information section. More importantly, don’t hide your identity.
    Use your real name as your Twitter Id instead or if you are setting up a
    Business account use your Business name.
    However, if you do setup a personal account you can still add your company’s
    name by the side of your personal name if you insist on including your business name.
    Post your Business website URL in full on the profile section.Full link rather than a short one will aid your site’s SEO rankings.
    Also in this section, put in relevant search words for your profile description.The custom-Twitter background
    will help you squeeze in additional content about your site; such as logo and URLs that your site links to.
    However, bear in mind that search engines, as well as search tools used by people to locate your
    offering cannot spot terms or content placed in background image.
    For this reason, you really need to ensure that you include your key words in the profile
    description section, bearing in mind that you only have 160 characters for the entire profile bio.
    It is also necessary that you do not forget to upload an image; this is extremely needful
    as people are curious about the person they are communicating with.
    If you are representing a company, you still need to upload your picture;
    Twitters tend to withdraw from those who they feel are trying to be hide their identity.
  • Be Actively Involved
    Make inputs; share, contribute and also respond to contributions.
    Participate in Twitter conversations. Ask brainstorming questions that will elicit responses.
    Also, make your own responses to the questions of others.Don’t forget to retweet valuable tweets, including your own contributions.
    Recommend or promote others when they perform exceptionally.Be a master of your site topic or happenings in your industry,
    so that you can stun your audience and attract them.
    On the other hand, do not in any way sound as if you are all out to
    get your listeners to patronize your business.Note that the ranking sites and graders also consider your activity and participation as well.
    You can track who is speaking about you, and those responding to your contributions
    using some applicable tools in Twitter such as ‘@replies’.

    With this and other applicable tools, you can easily spot the conversation that suits you,
    to join in the conversation and establish relevance. Relevance, contribution
    and responsiveness help you in building a good following.The amount of key
    phrases in your tweet cloud counts as well. How active are you in tweeting?

    If you are active, what is your tweet subject?
    Do you wander away from a line of discussion or are you consistent?
    Know that tweeting for business requires an online targeted approach to your identity,
    and also topics that border around your website. It’s not like a normal tweet in social tweeting.
    When you employ a specific targeted technique and tweet very sensibly, your site could be
    moved to ‘elite status’ by the grading sites.

Some Great twitter tools:
There are other useful and powerful Tweeter tools you can use when tweeting for business;
they include the automate tool, Tweetdeck, Socialbro, Tweetlater, TweetBeep, Summize, Twellow etc.


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