Interesting Twitter Statistics for Business

Twitter is an online social networking and
micro blogging service that enables its users to
send and read text-based messages of up to 140 characters.

We believe Twitter it a great tool for Business networking and
have assembled some interesting statistics for Business:

General Statistics

  • Twitter gets about 300,000 new visitors daily.
  • Twitter has Over 500 million registered users out of which only 140 million users are active.
  • On an average 11 accounts are created every second.
  • 62% of twitter users are in age group 18.-34.
  • 18% of Twitter’s users are from United Kingdom.
  • On a busy day , Twitter sees about 175 million tweets.
  • Every second 750 tweets are being shared on Twitter.

User’s Statistics

  • Twitter has 140 million active users and sees 340 million tweets per day.
  • About half of the worlds Twitter users are from the USA
  • 55% of Twitter users are females.
  • The average Twitter user has 27 followers.
  • 1 million new users join Twitter every day.

Search Statistics

  • There are more searches on Twitter each month than Yahoo and Bing combined.

Twitter in Business

  • 79% of US Twitter users are more like to recommend brands they follow.
  • 57% of all companies that use Social Media for business use Twitter.
    More than 50% of active users follow companies, brands or products on social networks.

The End.

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