A list of great YouTube Marketing Tools for your Business

YouTube is one of the emerging online Youtube
promotional tools,  which can help your
business promote your products  and services.

We have collected some of the best
YouTube tools which will aid and assist this area.

Here they are in no particular order:-

YouTube Analytics :- This tool helps you to track the visitors who are actually
watching the videos you post. You can also view activity on your site
and compare the same with other sites.

YouTube Feed : – Whenever a new video is available on your YouTube
Homepage Feed, this extension notifies you in a timely manner.

YouTube Smart Pause: – If you want to use YouTube for research purpose,
this tool is for you. This tool offers options to pause YouTube videos when you leave the tab.

YouTube PIP: – This extension will launch a small video player which remains on top
of all windows. That includes MS word, Excel, etc.