12 great tools from Google that will help you Manage your Business more Efficiently

We all know that Google is very popular as an online search engine, Business-Tools

however it offers many other tools & Apps that will help you to
manage and grow your business.

Top Google Business tools

Here is the list of 12 of these top Google Business tools & apps in no particular order.

1: Google Analytics: – Google Analytics tracks the traffic on your website.
You can monitor and analyze the behavior of your visitors like
which page they arrived, how long they stayed on a particular page and much more.

2: GoMo :- In today’s era, website created for desktop browsers may not be enough.
This tool shows what your site looks like on a Smartphone and suggests
the areas that need to be improved in this regard.

3: Google Alerts: – It is an easy to set up tool that will helps you to set up e-mail updates
of the latest relevant Google results. You can keep an eye on your competitors and find out
what people may be saying about your products and services.

4: Google Calendar: – Google Calendar helps you to stay organized.
You can manage your appointments easily. Moreover, you can sync this with your mobile
calendar and can access even when you are away from your desk.

5: Google AdWords: – If you want to advertise your products and services, regardless of budget,
Google Adwords is the effective tool for you. At the top of the page or on the right-hand side, the
ads are displayed along with search results.

6: Google News: – Start your day with the information from your sphere.
Google News is an automated news site that displays headlines from various sources around the world.

7: Google Places: – Without paying anything to Google, you can add important details
like name, phone no, address, etc of your business to Google database.
This will definitely enhance your business visibility.

8: Google Hangouts: – Google hangouts are very useful for business meetings, as it provides
video chat rooms with salient features for discussions.

9: Google+ Pages : – This is similar to a Facebook Page; however it includes some features
that are very beneficial for your business. You can utilize this tool to promote your business
with videos, photos, news, and links to Hangouts.
You can also create your own Business Communities; these are very effective for
sharing your skills and expertise and therefore building new network contacts.

10: Google translate: – This tool expands your global reach quickly.
This tool allows your website to be translated to other languages including French,
Spanish, Chinese and more than 50 other languages.

11: Google Forms: – This is an effective survey tool, which helps you to create your
survey from question templates, thereafter either distribute it via email or post it in a
Google+ Hangout. Recipients submit the completed form by clicking a button at the end.

12: Google Drive: – If your business requires you to share files and folders with your
colleagues and customers, this tool is worth looking at. Multiple people
can work on one document, isn’t it great!


We hope you find these twitter tools of value.


The TIB Team


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