Tips on how to Set Up a Home Network using Switches


Setting up a home network using switches isn’t as hard as some may think. Setting up a home network can provide you with many great advantages including connecting all computers together so they can access the same internet source and share files with one another easily. Generally, in today’s world routers are a common networking option but can be quite expensive. A network switch on the other hand tends to be a less expensive choice which can work just as well as a router can. Network switches although don’t have the firewall built in like routers do, they are still a great choice for smaller scale home networks. The following is a guide on how to setup a home network using switches.

What You Will Need:

  • Ethernet Cables
  • Network Switch


Step #1 –
Begin your setup by placing your network switch against your internet modem. Take the AC power adapter and plug it into the wall outlet, but avoid connecting it to the computer or modem at this point. Turn on the closest computer to the modem. There should be a CD that came with the switch, insert this disc into the computer’s CD drive. Install the software by following the instructions on the screen for the network switch.

Step #2 –
Take the end of the Ethernet cable and connect it to the broadband or cable modem’s outgoing port. Connect the other end of the Ethernet cable to the switch’s port which is marked Wide Area Network or WAN. Take a separate Ethernet cable and plug it into any other numbered port on the networking switch. Take the other end of this Ethernet cable and plug it into the computer Ethernet port.

Step #3 –
On the computer bring up the Start Menu, and click on the Control Panel. Find and double click on the Network and Sharing Centre. Click on Connect To A Network.

Step #4 –
Click on Wired Network before selecting the Next button. Scroll across the networking devices in the list which has been detected. Locate the network switch entry. Click on this entry before clicking Connect.

Step #5 –
Repeat this process of connecting Ethernet cables to multiple computers and the network switch’s numbered ports before working through the setup process again. If you find you’re running out of ports, simply setup a new switch. This can be done by running the Ethernet cable from any numbered port on the first network switch to the second network switch’s numbered ports. Don’t connect the cable to the WAN port. Continue setting up the computers as normal.

When setting up a home network using switches it can really be a simple process. Whether you’re doing it for home use or office home use, it’s a great choice over normal DH+ Network routers. So how is your setup going?

Caroline Kastner is a passionate writer who loves all things technical. She is also a health advocate and is passionate about bringing information to the world. She has contributed to Equustek Solutions Inc. in the past. She has two dogs and a young son. She loves walking along the beach in her spare time.

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