Why your Website needs to be a Responsive Website in 2013

If current trends continue more people
will be accessing the internet using
mobile devices rather than desktop
PC’s by mid 2013.

Here are some interesting stats on this topic:

  •  472 million smart phones were shipped in 2011,
    compared with just 415 million PC’s
  •  32% of employees globally now rely on more than one mobile
    device during their typical working Day
  •  65% of mobile workers use a tablet , 27% of mobile workers use a tablet for work
  •  In the US 25 percent of mobile Web users are mobile-only
  •  More than half of all mobile workers (64 percent) use a PC tablet:

Challenges this new trend is placing on business today
If you have an existing website and you are thinking of developing a mobile friendly version
so as to ensure you can capitalize on this new growing user demographic then read on about
a popular new trend called RWD or Responsive website Design, see how this
could impact on your future online business.

So what is a Responsive website?
A responsive website employs adaptive layouts that are fluid and change
automatically to suite the screen size of the device the website is being viewed on.
In other words, as the user switches from say their laptop to their Smartphone, the website should
automatically reform to suite the smaller screen and different layout of the Smartphone.

So responsive website design is about providing the optimal user experience irrespective of whether
the visitor uses a desktop computer, a Smartphone, a tablet or a smart-TV.
It’s not just small screens, either. Large, high-resolution displays are starting to
become much more common than they used to be, so with RWD you can
create a flexible website that display well on any device, rather than
having to create and maintain separate versions for each type of device.

Why is this important to your Business
As people are using more and more devices with varying screen sizes to access the internet,
It’s essential your website is compatible with new devices. Typically you would need to design
a specific website version for each device type, but this RWD offers a new alternative.

5 very good reasons to look at this great new website development technique

1. Focus your customer’s attention:
By having a responsive website you can focus your customers attention to one single place
your website, so no need for separate versions, like one for desktops users and another
for Smartphones etc.

2. Reduced Maintenance Costs –
It stands to reason that employing this new technique is also more cost effective
as you will only need to publish your updates once and in one place.

3. Your Website Rankings:
Google has announced that it favors websites that use responsive web design.
So having a responsive website is certainly an advantage in terms of
your future performance on the main search engines.

4. Better User Experience –
Deliver a better user experience for all your visitors, (regardless of the screen size or device they are using)
A website that has the same layout and navigation structure across multiple devices will provide a better user experience,
this is because its more than likely that your customers will visit your website using more than one device,
So consistency is important to ensure a strong user experience, remember a strong user experience will
ensure satisfied repeat visitors.

5. Stay ahead of your competition –
Like in any other area of your business, it’s always good to be one step ahead of your competition, by employing
a responsive website quickly you will jump ahead of your online competition and reap the impending rewards
of having a website that has no limitations in terms of accessibility..

6. Future Proof your online presence-
By upgrading your website to a responsive website, it will become flexible and scalable so
that it can grow, to meet the ever increasing demands this new mobile internet trend will create,
( in terms of device screen size and orientation)  so employing this technique
will literally future proof your online presence.

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