Top 8 Browsers for Accessing the Web

While most of us a familiar with Internet Explorer and to 206746772
a lesser extent Mozilla Firefox there are other browsers
that can be downloaded and used as an alternative.

We  have listed the top eight browsers as below.

1. Internet Explorer 
Top of the list and the most used browser today comes from Microsoft.
It has all the advantages of being able to integrate into the
Windows o/s  and comes with a wide range of functionalities.

2. Mozilla Firefox – 
No 2 in the most used browser on the internet. Brought to you by
Mozilla it has a full suite of addons that can improve your browsing experience.

3. Google Chrome – 
Google has provided a very fast, secure browser with a high level of built in security.

4. Apple Safari – 
The default browser of choice for Mac users. Now also available for windows.

5. Opera –
Malware protection, built-in phishing protection and strong encryption.
can delete HTTP cookies and private data.
This is available in windows, mac and linux versions.

6. Phase Out – 
enables multiple searches with the major search engines just with one click.

7. Deepnet Explorer – 
first browser with RSS news reader, P2P client integration and phishing alarm.
very secure and user friendly, compatible with Windows only.

8. Avant – 
user-friendly fast browser. Protects from malware or adware problems.
only compatible with Microsoft Windows.

Thanks the TIB Team

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