A list of some Great Free Webmaster Resources

Free Webmaster Resources

If you own or manage a website, then here Ipad-For-Business
are some great tools to measure its performance.

Here is the list of Free Webmaster Resources

in no particular order:

Alexa, a useful resource to find out information
about a website, site owner, traffic statistics,
search analytics, clickstream, top sites, hot pages and a lot more.

Pingdom Tools, test the load time of a web page and
find bottlenecks, test DNS servers and settings for a domain name,
and test network connectivity to a server. All in one place.

WebPagetest, a handy tool to conduct a webpage performance
test—just enter a Website URL, click Start Test, and in a short while,
you get a summary table with metrics about the page load, first view,
repeat view and the content breakdown.

CSS Sprite Generator takes a number of source images and
combines them into a single “sprite” image, supplies CSS to map to each
image within the sprite generated for download. Useful for improving the performance
of a web site by reducing the number of HTTP requests.

Smush.it optimizes web images by removing unnecessary bytes from the images without changing their look or visual quality. A “lossless” and convenient tool to minimize image files for your web page.

Wayback Machine, a fascinating archive of web sites that stretches back more than a decade—
just type in the URL of the site you’re interested in, and you can browse all the snapshots of the site.

Show Slow helps monitor various website performance metrics by capturing the results of YSlow,
Page Speed and dynaTrace rankings over time. You can check performance rankings
for Alexa Top 100 websites, compare rankings by graphs or add your URLs
to the list for monitoring.

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