Tips on how to improve the Bounce Rate & Readership on your Business Blog

The Blog has now become an essential tool for Business Business-Tips
marketing. As a blog publishes content on a chronological basis
it’s a great tool for general marketing and customer support.

But note sometimes an Online audience can be somewhat demanding,
Just like in any other area of your Business,  ie:
they can be fickle and tend to have a short attention span.

So it’s important to keep them engaged, otherwise
your bounce rate will rise and your rankings will inadvertently fall.

So here are some tips on how to keep your online audience engaged.
Just Keep It Short

Online readers tend to have a shorter attention span.
Much like a gold-fish, people’s attention span has
an average of nine seconds.
After that, our thoughts tend to wander and we lose focus.
The fact that visitors are also distracted by on-line, ads
is another reason why readers are difficult to Retain.

Brevity- this is the key to solving this problem.
Be direct on what you want to say but do not leave important details out.
This helps readers to absorb new information quickly.
Using bullets and subheadings can also help you simplify your articles.


Stimulate their Sense of Vision

The visual appeal of content can be improved through layout.
This is what readers notice before they even read the
first sentence of your article; so arrange your
layout in a way that is light and engaging.


Avoid blocks of paragraphs You are not writing a thesis or a research
paper so avoid congesting your ideas in one block. Besides your aim is to keep
everything simple, right? You can break paragraphs apart because it is easier to read articles that way.


Use pictures and infographics Photos are very important to break the monotony
of an article. It is also a visual aid, for readers to understand a topic easily.
You should place pictures above fold to attract people to scroll down.
An interesting picture increases traffic;
while a bad one increases bounce rate.

If there is too much information to write, infographics are great tools
to avoid information over load. Plus, if you create credible infographics,
it might even be shared from various social networking sites thus
increasing natural links to your blog.


Use videos If photos are not enough, you can add relevant videos.
A video is a much interesting medium but you also have to note that
it takes a video seconds to load compared to a picture.
A reader might go away if your videos are faulty.

Teach, Don’t Preach
Opinions are very important in any blog post because it creates
character to your articles, while also showing that you have
knowledge about the topic. But you have to avoid being preachy.

Telling people too much opinion might turn them off.
Be light in suggesting ideas. If possible be conversational
in tone to reach into your readers.

Blogging is a great way with engaging with your audience and customers.
However, you should not just focus on selling your product or service,
but also on interacting with your readers and potential consumers.
So ensure that your blog content is well written,
is effectively engaging with your audience and has an appealing layout,
this will increase your readership and lower you’re bounce rates.

Author’s Bio:
Ethan Harvel currently lives in Fremont, CA and has years of writing experience to boast.
You can visit his site at:

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