The Best Apps for the Business Traveler in 2013

Remember travel agents? Yeah, me neither, Business-Travel
but the internet assures me they used to be a real thing.
That’s right—there used to be a group of people whose
entire profession revolved around organizing
and planning your business trips and family vacations.

These days, the idea of hiring a travel agent is a little absurd.
We have mobile phones apps and websites that make
traveling infinitely easier.  For those of you who are still adjusting
to the digital age.

Here are some of the most useful travel apps of 2013:

011 Now’s new calling Card App
011 Now’s new calling card app
makes it easier for travelers to stay
in touch with friends and family back home. This app is convenient,
inexpensive and easy to use—$10.00 worth of credit makes it possible
for you to phone home from anywhere on the planet. The 011 Now
calling card app is a must-have for any aspiring globetrotter with a
penchant for homesickness. Remember: you’re not just downloading
a travel app. You’re downloading the peace of mind that comes
with knowing your loved ones are just a phone call away.

is to texting what 011 Now’s calling card app is to long-distance
phone calls. It provides travelers with a cheap, easy and effective way to
text their friends and family back home. Like 011 Now’s calling card app,
Whatsapp is a great way for intrepid travelers to keep up with everything
happening back home. Whatsapp is a must-have app for anyone who
is as addicting to texting as they are to traveling.

Vocre translation App,
One of the most difficult parts of traveling to a foreign country is dealing
with the language barrier. Luckily, there’s an app designed to break that
barrier down, one phrase at a time. With the Vocre translation app,
you simply speak into your phone’s microphone. The Vocre app will then
translate that phrase into the language of your choice. Vocre probably
won’t be much use when it comes to long, drawn-out conversations,
but it’s perfect when it comes to ordering food or asking for directions.

Packing Pro App
Are you one of those people who can’t seem to go anywhere without forgetting
at least one essential item? Have no fear—there’s an app for that. The Packing Pro app
is designed to help travelers stay organized. Users who download the Packing Pro
app can either create a list of things they need to pack or use one of the ready-made
templates that the app provides. The Packing Pro app also comes with a preset
collection of reminders, which makes it the perfect tool for travelers who have a
tendency to forget to do things like pack socks or purchase traveler’s insurance.

Possibly the most underrated travel app of all time, SitOrSquat tells users the location
of the nearest public restroom. It also lets users know if that restroom is open or closed,
and often includes miscellaneous information, like whether or not the restroom
is handicap accessible. Like many travel apps, SitOrSquat is one of those services
you don’t really think about—until, of course, you need it. Downloading SitOrSquat
before you travel is an easy way to avoid needless stress and potentially
embarrassing situations—especially if you’re traveling with children.

Author Bio:
Andrei Milosevic
is an international student, traveler, and writer.
Over the past few years, he has been studying international business
and providing advice and insight into
international calling.
In his free time he kayaks and Skypes with his best friend back home in Serbia.

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