NetSuite Manufacturing Edition- An Effective Management Solution for busy Managers in the Manufacturing Industry

As anyone involved in Manufacturing at a Business-Technology-2
Management level knows; it can be difficult it is to
manage all processes at once.

NetSuite Manufacturing Edition was created to help
improve the management of various processes and facilitate
greater control, therefore enabling the user compete more
effectively in the manufacturing market.

Features of the Software

NetSuite Manufacturing Edition is an all-in-one software solution, in other words,
it meets all the crucial demands of Management in a sector as hectic as Manufacturing.
The Software is provided as a service (SaaS) which makes it
suitable from a cost perspective for all types of Manufactures’ of varying sizes.
( Software as a Service (SaaS) is a software distribution model in which applications
is hosted by a vendor or service provider and made available to customers
over a network, typically the Internet )

This can also help reduce costs to the Manufacturer
by creating greater efficiencies and savings due to greater control
of the entire Manufacturing management Process.
It also has a lot of other features aside from its unique platform, which includes:

  • It handles the manufacturing processes, such as the demand planning, kits and assemblies, production engineering, shop floor control, manufacturing inventory control, work order management, backflush accounting, cost control, project control, etc.


  • It manages the customer relationships through sales force mechanizations, customer service and support, marketing automation, offline sales clients, incentive management, multi-channel customer managements and reviews, and partner relationship managements.



  • One can also manage their website or webstore with this platform, by integrating the management of both the webstore and the inventory, multi-store managements, through self-service centers for both the partners and the customers, integrating with eBay, etc.


  • Managing employees and keeping an eye on their productivity is also possible through this, as it now contains role-based dashboards, paperless expense reports, project tracking, activity time management, employee records, advanced calendaring, etc.


These are just examples of the various other features that a manufacturer can
get with the NetSuite Manufacturing Edition.

The all-in-one solution for a manufacturer
Not only will this software help with the manufacturing process, but it will also help with the steps afterwards, such as the distribution and the selling. Manufacturers value this software because it helps create products for the inventory from scratch. Also, assemblies can be done right before the sales period, which gives manufacturers enough time to arrange for all the raw materials and they no longer have to worry about the hassle of last minute assemblies, as this software speeds up the process. Not only that, manufacturers no longer have to worry about the total costs and constantly keep track of it, as NetSuite Manufacturing Edition does it for them. And finally, it also maintains order by managing the inventory levels to appropriately meet the consumer demands.

Other advantages
NetSuite is intelligent software, as in, all that a manufacturer has to do is input the initial numbers into it, and the rest can easily be dealt with by this software. An example of its intelligent programming is the demand planning, in which, it takes into consider the information derived from the sales order management in order to handle the highest ranking consumer demands.

The plan that it executes takes into account the expected demand and the orders that have already been placed by the consumers, to bring forth a cost-efficient solution for the manufacturer. Another handy feature that it has is its history tracking, where it keeps track of the history of all the products and its assembly details and uses it in moments when they are needed, effectively maintaining the overall inventory.

The end.

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