6 Ways Technology can help solve your greatest Business Challenges

Running a isn’t without its headaches. Business-Technology-2
The Business world is always growing and changing,
meaning that Businesses like yours often find themselves
meeting new challenges and needing to adapt to changing
Technology and Customer expectations. Fortunately,
Technology also offers helpful and genuinely user-friendly
solutions that can solve your business problems
and keep things running smoothly.

Here are ways in which technology can help you solve these 6 common Business Challenges:


Keep in touch over any Distance with Teleconferencing
The cost of keeping in touch with colleagues, vendors or customers in other locations can soon add up. From extortionate phone bills to the frustration of trying to get a group of people together using email, keeping a disparate team in touch isn’t always easy. That’s where web teleconferencing solutions such as Adobe Connect come in. With web teleconferencing you can hold face to face meetings no matter what the geographical distance.

Get your website running smoothly with better Website Hosting
A slow website can play havoc with your business. As well as the very real risk of driving away customers, a slow web host can also make it difficult for you and your team to manage and update the website. To cut down stress and ensure you give your customers a website they can use, shop around and make sure you are using a high quality web host with an excellent uptime record. If you are targeting North America continent, you should look for VPS hosting USA or wherever the best data centres are for dedicated solutions to give your website that extra boost.

Simplify sharing with Cloud Solutions
Storing and sharing files can quickly become frustrating. From making sure your files are secure on your local servers, trying to make sure everyone gets the files they need, meeting your file sharing needs can present a challenge. This is especially true for small Business lacking a large IT department to help them. Cloud based solutions such as Microsoft SkyDrive and DropBox provide a cheap and reliable way to share and store your data.

Stay in touch while you are away from the Office with Mobile Apps
Keeping in touch with your colleagues and customers when you’re not at your desk can present a challenge. However, mobile apps provide a portable solution. From using an app such as Evernote to allow you to take important notes, to using mobile email or even instant messaging to keep in touch with colleagues, apps can make running your business a lot easier, no matter where you are.

Step up Mobile Security with Encryption
With the benefits of using mobile devices in your business come the potential worries about mobile security. Loss, theft or hacking are all genuine concerns that you can’t afford to overlook. Fortunately, there are solutions out there to help you. These include using encryption to make data harder to access, the software that allows you to lock a device, wipe data from it, and even locate it remotely.

Use Data to Measure your Marketing
Your website and social media profiles contain a wealth of data that you can use to find out how well your business is connecting with its customers. Information such as which posts get shared on Facebook or where your customers spend longest on your website can give you a clear overview of what is working well – and what isn’t. You can then use this information to make better decisions for your business’ future.

Running a business doesn’t have to be stressful. By harnessing technology you can find cost effective and user friendly solutions to help you run your business more efficiently and flexibly, leaving you free to focus on building your Business and keeping it strong.

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