Is sharing your content on social media important to your website search engine rankings?B

A recent survey conducted by TastyPlacement revealed
some very interesting results.

This survey demonstrated the effect that social media activity had
on a websites Google search engine rankings.

As it turns out, collecting Google+ followers seems to have
increased the websites site’s ranking up by as much as 14.63% ,
the following results were also recorded.

  • 300 Google plus one votes (+9.44%)
  • 70 Facebook shares (+6.9%)
  • Tweets and Retweets (+2.88%)
  • Twitter Followers  (-2.33)


So what does this all mean to you and your website?

It’s been well flagged for some time now that the search engines were upgrading their algorithms to become more
capable in determining the quality of website content using a wider range of measurements including a websites
level of social media engagement.


What you should strive for:
As an online publisher or website owner you should strive to:
Connect with your audience, giving them a reason to interact with your brand, build their loyalty.
You can achieve this by simply creating: engaging, highly share-able content.

The search engines are always striving to improve their users experience,
they can achieve this by linking to quality content, they can separate the wheat from the chaff in terms of website
content by measuring a websites level of social engagement. As quality content tends to be shared more so
than poor quality.

How can you achieve this?
The solution is to move to a Dynamic website, these new next generation of website
put you the owner in control and allow you to publish your content in one place automatically updating your
other important social media channels automatically.

Content Promotion via social media
Because these websites can Integrate with the top social media network and bookmarking websites, 
you can publish your content in one place (as opposed to several) saving you valuable time.

Content sharing, Tagging and indexing
These websites also provide additional tools to allow your visitors collaborate and
share information in real time; this is particularly important as more and more people
are using social media channels to assist them in making their important purchasing decisions,
A recommendation from a friend is now more important as 78% of consumers
trust Social Media friends recommendations more than traditional marketing messages.

The rewards to you for doing this:
Great publishers will be rewarded with higher rankings, higher rankings will result in more traffic to your website and increased business.

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