Are we now in a post PC era?

The desktop PC has helped power business
probably for the past twenty years or so.
Perhaps this dominance is coming to an end
with the rise in the use of Mobile internet Devices?

Possible factors driving this growth.
This is driven by a number of factors. Including the increased availability of a wide range of cheap mobile internet devices, plus improved coverage and more competitive data rates, this is powering a new generation of mobile business users who are doing more and more business on the move.

Recent stats:
472 million smart phones were shipped in 2011, compared with just 415 million PC’s

More Business is being conducted on the move
More business is now being done away from the office or desktop PC .

Here are some interesting stats that support this claim:

  • It’s estimated that there are now 1.2 billion mobile Web users worldwide (Source : )
  • Nielsen reports that 46% of US mobile phone owners have a Smartphone in quarter 4 2011.
  • 25 percent of mobile Web users in the US are now mobile-only users
  • 32% of employees globally now rely on more than one mobile device during their typical working Day
  • More than half of all mobile workers (64 percent) use a PC tablet:


So is this the Post PC era?
Apple CEO Tim Cook recently described this as a “post-PC” revolution, this has even surprised apple themselves.
He said “The momentum behind the iPad has been incredible and has surprised just about everyone,”,
adding later that the device is “outstripping the wildest of predictions”.

So what does all of this mean for your business?
With the popularity of mobile Internet on the rise your website needs to be available to this growing demographic
of mobile users. An easy way to ensure this is to upgrade to a Next generation website.

Next generation websites are powered by the top open source platforms and comply
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all of the latest mobile devices.

They can be optimized further through the use of various third party plugins that are
mainly available for free. Ensuring compatibility to a wider variety of devices of
various screen sizes and resolutions, ensuring a wider audience for your products or services.

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