How to Lower Business Costs using VOIP Technology

If you are looking for a way to lower your business hosted-voip
costs it may be worthwhile to consider how much you
may be able to save if you make the switch from
standard telephone systems to VOIP service.

For many people they may have heard the
term VOIP but may be unaware of what
it means and how it can benefit them.

Here is what you, and they, need to know

What is VOIP?

VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. It sends the packets of
digital information that make up what you are saying in your call through
the Internet instead of through traditional phone lines.

Not only does it make it possible for a company to lower your rates there are
many different additional functions that can be possible using VOIP technology.
A VOIP setup may allow you to send and receive messages that
would otherwise not be possible under a standard telephone set up.

How can VOIP save your business Money?

Employing Voip can save you money in a number of Ways:

  • Saving on Line Fees

There are several different ways that using a VOIP system can save you money.
The first is that they can often allow users to get rid of using a cellular phone and
a desk phone. Because calls can be sent to a cell phone quite easily with

VOIP there may not be the need to use both of these communications devices.
Because you are not paying for both lines your monthly bills
will automatically go down.

  • Saving on call charges

Also there is the saving on your phone calls using VOIP.
The rates for using VOIP are normally substantially cheaper than
standard fixed telephone providers. You can obtain price packages that
can include all local, national and even international calls for a fraction of the price.

Even without a price  package sometimes these national & international calls
can be for free as they avoid using the normal phone network where
the charges are incurred.

  • Saving on infrastructure costs

Another reason is that the cost of VOIP service is much lower than comparable
services from a standard telecommunications provider.
If you are just starting up you will not need to add the same wiring and
infrastructure that can increase start up costs to the point where some
companies are unable to afford them.

Part of the savings comes from the fact that there is no longer a need to
establish wiring for data and telephone.

  • How it can Increase your Productivity

Using VOIP for your business can also increase your productivity.
Not only can you access your telephone calls from your computer whether
you are in the office or not you can also access things such as phone messages and
faxes that you may receive at the same time as you are accessing your email.

This means that regardless of whether you are actually in the office or
not you will be able to continue to deal with business decisions quickly and effectively.

There are many reasons to choose VOIP for your business.
Choosing the right provider is only the first step in getting the flexible and
affordable telecommunications system that your business needs.

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