Anticipating Data Storage Needs

Data is more important to businesses now that at any point in Data-Management
history because modern businesses are able to analyse harvested
or bought in data and optimise their operations
to ensure maximum efficiency.

The result is that data growth is faster than ever before and anticipating
growing data storage needs is one of the most important
processes for any system architect.

Where to Start with Data Storage Predictions

Before you can make any estimate, you need to understand exactly what data you will
store and design a database schema that minimises data duplication. If your database
architect or the Data Management Platform designers are unable to provide this
information then you will not be able to produce even a vague estimate.

When your software architect plans your database design, they will also need to take
into account the changes we face with technology. A large file today is a small file in
five years from now. Consider the changes in images online and think about how large
the file have become in recent years when compared with just a short while ago.
HD video and High Resolution images appear to take up large amounts of storage
space now, but Ultra HD video is just around the corner and it is likely to fill our data
storage systems in record times when it becomes mainstream.

You can no longer buy data storage from Dell and say to yourself
“I’ll never use all that storage” because the very idea is ridiculous.
Data dependent businesses must ensure the software they implement today
has the hardware that can handle it tomorrow. Any costing must consider
progress or leave considerable room to scale upwards.

Planning for User Base Expansion

Successful platforms are used to their limits because that’s the nature of business.
If your anticipated usage is at a certain level, how will your systems cope with extra
demands placed by your business’ employees or a growing customer base?
Plan for success not to get by because if success comes and you are unable
to cope then you may not have a second chance.

Create your storage system to handle extra data, but also ensure it is accessible by many users.
This could mean spreading databases over multiple disks and allowing your system to pull
data from more than one data location to give user what they request. Data storage is
cheaper now than ever before, but it is rapidly bought and used. Make sure your
servers are expandable and your data storage problems will be minimal.

Being part of the team at a leading computer manufacturer, I know
you can buy data storage Dell and be satisfied with your purchase.
Why not browse the data storage products available online?

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