9 Great Translation Tools for your Business

Anytime, you find yourself in a situation where your Business-Tools
business requires you to communicate with another
person using a different language, it can be
extremely frustrating.

That is why Translation tools are very important.

We have collected a list of 9 effective translation tools for your benefit.

They are in no particular order:-

Free Translation: – It is one of the easiest translation tools available for users.
It includes features such as simple document translation, email translation,
professional translation and website translation etc.

Google Translator: – As the name suggests, this Google tool is very powerful
and effective. In just a click you can translate any foreign language to your local language.

Worldlingo:- This tools is very helpful for users who wants to translate
their professional documents. It comes with various features such as
machine translation, translations by professionals, eBay listing translator etc.

 Bing Translator: – Bing allows users to create their own translation systems.
This powerful tool supports 41 languages.

Imtranslator :- This Translation service is intended to provide an instant
translation of words, phrases and texts in many languages

Translate Professional : – The interface of this app is incredibly easy to
use and navigate. It also comes with different add-ons, including speech recognition.

SpeakText :- Touch or highlight the text and this useful app translate them
in just a few seconds. The app will read out your chosen text sentence by sentence.

Universal Translator: – It supports 50+ languages and is truly a universal translator app.
This app can also be used as the utility translator application.

SayHi Translate: With over 100 languages available, imagine talking in one
language and immediately hearing yourself speaking another language.


We hope you find these tools of value


The TIB Team

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