5 tips for Creating a great Powerpoint Presentation

When we are looking to design and plan out a Microsoft PowerPoint
presentation we should take on board a number of Powerpoint trainingkey important points.

With this in mind I have listed 5 tips that will assist you in creating a good engaging PowerPoint Presentation.

Be flexible with your PowerPoint presentation
When we prepare our PowerPoint presentation and learn it off by heart we sometimes become too rigid with the presentation. Then when we are about to give the presentation and we realize we don’t have enough time we panic and fly through it at speed and in turn loose our audience. It is always best to prepare 2 versions of your presentation. A normal full version and an edited shorter version where there are time constraints.

Engage your Audience with a Personal Story
It is important to build up a rapport with your audience at the start of your presentation.Tell them a small business story that would relate to them and build some empathy or understanding. Your audience will automatically take interest in your presentation and engage with you straight away.

Use variety in your Body language and Presentation Style
We have all been to a presentation or lecture where the presenter speaks in a drone monotonous voice and we end up falling asleep. It is best to change the tone of your presentation at key important points and add variety to your presentation with the use of audio-visual elements that can deliver a message in various ways.

Leave room for your audience to interpret your message
It is important that you don’t  bombard your audience with too many facts and figures that will ultimately drown out your message. Leave the audience with a picture in their head of what your message is and let them add their own story or personal experience to that. Maybe engage your audience in feedback and let them tell their story to others. 

Remember to pace yourself and smile
We have all been under pressure at some stage before or during a presentation. It is important that we take a moment to compose ourselves and remember to pace out your presentation. Also don’t forget that you have an audience out front that want to like you and enjoy the presentation so remember to smile at all times and add a touch of humor at appropriate Times.

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