5 Reasons Why Writers Need to Leverage Technology

Back in the day, writers only had a pen, paper, and maybe Tech-Business-Tips
a few books as inspiration. Today, we have almost every
piece of literature at our finger tips with tools to help up
on all aspects of writing.

As time goes on, more and more tools are created
to help our writing processes.
You might even use some tools without even really realizing that they would
be considered a technological tool. For example, Google search.

Almost all of us use it to find answers to almost any question
we can think of. We are going to cover 5 reasons why all writers
should use today’s technology to their advantage.

Text Editor Software

Almost all of us write on a computer or some type of device.
When we are writing, we are most likely using some type of text editor
to assist us with spelling, grammar, and other essential parts of writing.
It is an incredible tool that would have changed the world as we know it if it
was available before computers were invented. Imagine if all of the great writers
in the 1800’s had a text editor, the amount of literature would have been 10 times the amount.



We should all understand and take advantage of the power that these programs have.
It increases the quality of our work, the speed we finish, and the overall efficiency of our time.
If you haven’t been using or don’t know the full potential of a quality text editor,
it is highly advised that you start right away.

Speech to Text Software

Have trouble sitting and typing for an extended period of time? Are you much more
effective at coming up with content with your mouth and not your hands?
Then try a speech to text program. There are highly complex programs that have
been made to allow people to speak into a microphone and the text automatically
gets written on their computer. It is an extremely efficient way of getting your writing done.



These programs can be quite pricey for a top quality program, but in the end, will be worth it.
There are plenty of different options that will give you a free trial to try out the software,
so check it out and if you find it helps, purchase it.

Idea Generation

Sometimes coming up with ideas to write about can be pretty hard, but don’t worry
we have plenty of options to help us out. There have been applications created and
websites build on the sole purpose to give us ideas about the niche we are writing about.
If you don’t feel like getting the ideas directly from something, you can then use
brainstorming programs to assist you with your idea making process. Tools such
as mind map programs can be an essential part in getting your best ideas.

As writers, we all need to do research at some point. Whether it is to understand the
subject we are writing about, or to get factual information from sources that we can
reference in our content. It doesn’t matter why you are researching, we have an endless
amount of information that is just a click away on the internet. You can get anything you
need directly from a search engine. Although you will want to verify that what you are
reading is legitimate, most of the time you will be able to get the information
you need from reputable websites such as Wikipedia.



Track Your Finances
It doesn’t matter if you are a highly successful writer or are just starting out, we all need
to keep a close eye on our finances. What we spend, how much we make, and future earning
potential should all be implemented in the way we look at our money. There have been
plenty of programs to assist in money management and can predict future earning potential
based off of our previous entries. This helps to stay on top of our bills, understand
what we can spend on entertainment, and everything else regarding our finances.

Bottom line, as writers, we should all be aware of the program and tools we have available to us.
They will help us a great deal in the long run.


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