Why every Business needs a Mobile Friendly Website in 2013

With the new trend of consumers switching from 
using desktops to using Smartphones and tablets
and other new devices to access the internet there
is an increasing requirement for business to ensure
that their websites are compatible with these
new devices to ensure continued success.

Projected future internet usage for 2013 and beyond

If current trends continue then by mid 2013 more consumers will be using
portable devices to access the internet than using traditional desktop PC’s.
At the same time its estimated that the vast majority of websites are not
responsive or mobile friendly and therefore could have difficulty
displaying on these new devices, with immediate negative
consequences for business.

What is a mobile Friendly website?

A mobile friendly website is a website that is optimized to display on a
number of different devices with varying screen sizes so as to adapt to
the smaller screen size and usability differences of the particular device
it’s being viewed on at any particular time, these new next generation
websites are called responsive websites, because they respond or
adapt to the environment of the device they are being viewed on.

Why it’s important for your business

If you are in business, then you need to ensure your website is easily
accessible to this new generation of gadgets and more importantly
their users, your customers.

Also not just any mobile website will do.  It must be responsive so that
it can adapt to the demands of the new mobile internet user and
the new devices they are using to access your website.

Help is at hand: New specialist upgrade service

Our colleagues over at next generation websites offer websites that are responsive
and compatible with all of the latest gadgets, these websites are powered by the top
open source platforms so you get lots of spec at really competitive prices so
upgrade your website today.

Next Generation websites

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