What are the advantages a Virtual PBX Phone System can offer your Business

A Virtual PBX Phone System simply Business-Tools-1
is a phone system that routes all of
your calls over the internet.

Its cheaper to install, more flexible,
cheaper to run and totally scalable.

Here are the reasons why:

Call costs reduction
Significant cost reduction by using the Internet to route your calls.
If you have overseas offices, using an the Virtual PBXs could reduce
your business’s costs significantly.

Mobility, productivity and cost-saving advantages for businesses from
the integration of remote workers and branches to the company’s phone system.

Multiple Branch Offices
If you are planning on expanding your business to open new branches or offices,
this system will allow you divert traffic between your offices and
as it routes the call over the internet it saves on long distance call charges.
Dialing your other branches or offices is as easy as calling
an extension down the hall.

Digital Attendant/Receptionist
A voice menu system that allows callers to be transferred to an extension
(Press 1 for Sales, 2 for Support, etc), without going through a telephone operator or
receptionist. The auto-attendant is also known as a digital receptionist.

Working From Home
Even if your business has a single remote office based at home,
the Virtual PBXs can give you the same features as having a fully fledged
phone system with multiple numbers and a digital attendant to transfer calls to
your mobile while your not at home plus this can all be done via
a web based interface that can be accessed while on the road.

  • Much easier to install & configure than a proprietary phone system
  • Easier to manage because of web based configuration interface
  • No need for separate phone wiring
  • Eliminates proprietary, expensive phones
  • Scalable can grow with your business.

We hope this information was of assistance

the TIB Team

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