Top tips for growing and keeping your online business alive

No doubts, if you have an online business, you want to see it successful. The same rules for conventional business work; you must know what to do to make your online business succeed – don’t just jump in like that, else you will jump out soon!

Here are some very useful tips to guide you.

  • Link Your Site to Your Blog
    This is the best way to make updates on your content accessible to visitors easily. They must not be the ones to hunt for your content updates.
  • Establish social bookmarking
    You must have a means of enabling people to share your content. WordPress offers tons of social bookmarking plugins. If your site is the regular type, tools like ‘ShareThis’ would be sufficient.
  • Build social networks
    When you set up social networks, ensure that they are easy to see and follow. The buttons should be visible. Your blog as well as contact page are excellent pages to place your buttons.
  • Make provision for profound articles or white papers on your website
    Engage your main website as one of your article submission areas if article marketing is your promotional tool. Use creative names for it – e.g. “White Papers” or “In-depth Articles Home”.  This is a great way to convert a section of your site to your own article directory.
  • A site map is necessary
    Garnish your site map adequately, so that it would be conducive for visitors to explore. You may also keep it plain. The most important thing is that you should remember to build your sitemap and link it, since it facilitates the crawling of your site by search engines.
  • Track your usage with your keyword analysis
    A spreadsheet such as excel is excellent for this purpose – you can also use word document as well. Record the terms used, meta description as well as your title for each main site page. If you make changes, put such changes in record as well. This is an excellent way to have a stable record of changes, and you can easily monitor the changes that influenced the traffic and ranking of your site.
  • Content audits are important
    Do periodical content audit – it could be six-month interval. This is an excellent way to ‘fish out’ your webpages that are not performing optimally, spot the topics that captured the attention of your readers and mark the pages that are not necessary (so that you can take them off).
  • Come up with a strategy for your content
    This is a more result-oriented approach than doing ‘trial and error’. The strategy would comprise of the following; the type of content you would send out (is it in the form of videos, images, blogs or white papers?), the destination for your content (is it your blog, main site, YouTube, guest post), technique for tracking your progress, major and sub goals of your content strategy.

These top valuable techniques will help you grow your online business successfully. However, there are other things you need to know in addition.


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