Tips for planning your Business Website Hosting

Creating an online presence for your Tech-Business-Tips
business is one of the more efficient and
effective ways to promote your business
and subsequently improve your bottom line.

Apart from creating an engaging content,
choosing a reliable website hosting service
is essential for the success of your online endeavour.
Here are some common features of a web hosting service.

  • Website Space

The website space is the location of where all your files, which may include text,
image, audio and video, reside. Likewise, this is where your HTML web pages and
the programming pages will be stored. The web hosting package usually starts from 100mb.

You need to make sure that the website space package that you get allows you create
the content you require. For example, if you are in a media company,
you are bound to have tons of images and videos uploaded to the website.
This means you will want to invest in a bigger website space.

  • Website Bandwidth

The next feature that you should know about web hosting is the bandwidth,
which is basically the amount of information that can be transferred from your website.
To illustrate, let’s say your website is 1mb in size.

When there are 50 people visiting your website, it will take up a 50mb bandwidth.
When you have reached that monthly bandwidth quota,
your website will most likely be deactivated. The last thing you want to have is your
customers complaining that they can’t reach your page.

  • Web Programming Language

To create a website that is rich in features, such as providing a comment form
where users can send comments or inquiries directly from your website,
as well as other dynamic features, the web hosting service must support a
web programming language. There are several that you can
choose from, such as PHP, ASP, Net and CMFL.

  • Domain Hosting

In general, a website hosting service will provide one domain name, such as a .ie, com,, or .net for your website. However, if you have several websites, you need to
make sure that the web hosting company support hosting for several website names.
It would be more convenient to manage all your websites on one host.

  • Database Hosting

You can have your website stores information from your clients or visitors,
such as their e-mail addresses, names and other information, as well as keeping
a catalogue of all your services and products in one database.

The most common databases are Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and Microsoft Access.
Most hosting plans will support one of these databases. These databases are also
very important in the management of ecommerce websites and
website CMS (Content Management Solutions) such as WordPress, Joomla, etc.

We hope this information was of assistance

the TIB Team

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