The advantages of getting your workers to join the growing Mobile Workforce

With the aid of modern technology and mobile internet in particular,
more and more workers are using mobile devices that enable
them to connect remotely with the office to do their daily tasks.

A mobile workforce can create greater efficiencies and increased
productivity within business.

Here are some reasons how this can be achieved.

A workforce with enhanced working flexibility
There is the potential for enhanced flexibility so that workers are not restricted by their
working environment; enhanced flexibility also ensures  increased productivity.

More flexible working hours
If the workforce is working from home then they get to work when they are able to rather than at a designated time because of office opening hours. In recent surveys it was discovered that working from home results in a 10%-20% increase in employee productivity and that a majority of employees valued mobility more than a higher salary

Enabling workers to work from almost any location
If they have all of the equipment they need to be mobile they can work from pretty much anywhere.
If they are they are called away for work and need to commute they can could work from their seat on a train
or plane and can remain productive while being on the move.

Saves money and reduces overall business operating costs

Having a mobile workforce can reduce daily operating costs by saving
on items such as the office rent and utility costs.
Also workers working from home use their own utilities and this cuts business costs even further.


Increasing work, productivity levels and a happier workforce

You might think that productivity would be quite low if you allow your work force to stay
at home but this need not be the case.

In a recent survey it was found that working from home resulted in a 10%-20% increase in employee productivity and also if people can dictate their own working hours and save on travel costs getting to and from work then you may find that they become rather more motivated and willing to work. This means more productivity rather than less, and a generally much happier workforce.


So what does all of this mean for your business?
Everybody knows that every business owner these days should be striving to reduce costs and increase
workforce productivity especially in these challenging times. Therefore embracing the concept of a mobile
workforce is then more of a necessity than a fad or short trend.

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