The 8 most Important Steps to Boosting your Facebook Business Page

Fact: Facebook has helped 52% of all marketers discover a customer on social media!


So, if that doesn’t ring a bell, then I don’t know what will! If you haven’t yet decided to set up and manage Facebook page for business purposes, then it’s high time that you do. Facebook is the largest social platform these days and spending a token amount to promote Facebook page or boost Facebook page can take you up the social ladder.


Here are a few steps to get you going:


Step 1: Pick the perfect cover photo and the right profile picture

If you own a personal brand, then a profile picture of that brand’s logo or of yourself as an entrepreneur is a must. A recognizable profile photo attracts a lot more users. Complete the process by adding the best possible caption optimized with a number of links. Linking can generate leads for your brand – it is one of the best ways to manage Facebook Page. On the other hand, your cover photo must be striking because that is the first thing a user sets his eyes upon while browsing through your profile. Somehow, this helps promote Facebook page.


Step 2:  Complete the details in the ‘About’ section

You should capture the essence of your company through the brief ‘About’ section, where you should use the best possible keywords to outline your goals and aspirations. You can make it similar to the one on your website, add links and also fill it with a few contact details to ease approachability and the forging of connections.


Step 3: Add the ‘Invite your Friends’ option

Using this option is the best way to foster relations and build connections.


Step 4: Share as much as you can

It’s simple – just insert a few icons on your website or any other relevant webpage suited to your content.


Step 5: Embed videos from YouTube

Multimedia content can add credibility only if they aren’t in the form of a simple link. Embedding a video allows the user see an image as he waits to click on it.


Step 6: Dish out a little money and use the ‘Promote Facebook Page’ option

By creating an ad that will fetch more likes on Facebook, using the ‘Promote Facebook page’ option can generate greater click-through rates. You can use the Facebook Ad Manager tool to guide you through the entire process of Facebook Page promotion.

Step 7: ‘Boost Facebook Page’ – a post can be promoted to the highest ranks on home feeds through this option

Boost Facebook page and you can trump all other posts in the vicinity. Make sure that your page’s post is visible as the highest ranking post on a user’s home feed. The ‘Boost Facebook Page’ option also allows you to drive in traffic from a targeted audience through its filtering options on the basis of age, sex, and location.


Step 8: Last but not the least, manage the page content

Content is still the king! To manage Facebook Page, this is the golden mantra. Chant it well!


We hope that through these steps, you can grow your business or personal brand. Have fun strategizing!


Andy Thompson has been a freelance writer for a long while.
Her passion in writing is her main drive in crafting articles that are engaging, informative, and meaningful. Her partnership with TroopSocial has given her a whole new opportunity to take writing to a whole new level.

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