Mobile Accessories for Professionals that can Enhance the Workplace

It’s crazy to think that just five years ago, Workplace-Technology
cell phones in the workplace were taboo.
Now, even jobs that aren’t inherently related
to technology rely heavily on the use of mobile
devices throughout the day.

People might as well be surgically attached to their email,
and the failure to respond to a work related message
within five minutes can be seen as a serious offense.

When we think of mobile accessories, the first thing that comes to mind might be headphones and music/entertainment related items, or maybe fashion cases, but there are a lot of accessories out there that can make phones, tablets, and laptops even more efficient in the work place.

Here are a few ideas..

Touch-Screen Friendly Gloves

Touch Screens can make navigating tablets and phones super-efficient, and touch screen-friendly gloves can only increase that efficiency. Whether you want to avoid fingerprint smudges or just suffer from an over-air-conditioned work place, you can comfortably where gloves without having to remove them to use your touch screen devices.


Showing that celebrity product lines can be useful for serious business-folk,’s foto.sosho is great for those who use their mobile devices for work related photography and software editing. The accessory enhances the megapixel power of the iPhone from 8 to 14, provides better flash, and comes with instant social media uploading options. This is great for streamlining your photo and software creation, editing, and sharing.

Sound Amplifiers

If you only have $10 to spend on office tech, get a sound amplifier for your cell phone.
This is perfect for speakerphone calls, so if you often have client or conference calls,
but don’t want to be confined to the one room in the building with a decent
speakerphone, get a sound amplifier, carry it everywhere, and increase
your speaker output by up to 12 decibels.


There are tons of charging hubs that allow you to charge all your devices
at once (which is almost necessary with how much we use electronics and
how much battery power they use). But the Ipega audio dock allows you to charge multiple devices
(with multiple plugs), while also acting as a speaker enhancer  and stand holder.

So while some workplaces still view technology as a distraction,
there are a lot of ways to enhance your technological productivity at work.
It’s all about finding the right accessory for the job.

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