Introducing EMV the latest Payment Technology for the Retail Industry


The times of traditional credit card processing are decreasing.
In a time of large-scale data breaks and identity theft, retailers and shoppers
all around the world have naturally started to demand greater security.

Europay, MasterCard and Visa (EMV) developed chip-enabled payment
tech that will be replacing swip-and-sign credit cards.

Cards now come included with a smart chip that will be authorized
and scanned during every transaction.

The chip connects with the retailer’s point of sale system and makes sure the payment card, along with a signature and personal identification number, is valid and belongs to the customer holding the card. This type of chip technology improves layers of safety against fraud and is virtually impossible to match.


Here is more about EMV

EMV Credit Card Processing

The end result is much safer shopping and far less credit card fraud/data breaches. For additional information regarding EMV Credit Card Processing, check out BluePay.

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