Inside Amazon’s Robot Empire

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In the Yahoo Finance series NEXT, Yahoo Finance anchor Allie Garfinkle travels to Matteson, Illinois, and Boston, Massachusetts, for an exclusive look at the future of Amazon’s warehouses, where the e-commerce giant is building and deploying its next generation robots. Amazon’s robotics have become the center of the company’s strategy to fulfill the pledge it makes to you, me, and anyone with a Prime membership — lightning fast delivery. These robots are mission-critical — the company is betting they will be the edge they need to corner online retail and improve margins. Amazon (AMZN) today operates at a scale that was unthinkable in the 1990s, when Jeff Bezos was mailing out books from his garage. Take Prime Day. Ten years ago, Prime Day didn’t exist. In 2023, the virtual shopping event generated billions in sales within 48 hours. The company is now the blueprint for every digital marketplace we use, and the phrase the “Amazon Effect” has come to embody a tangible infrastructure change in our world — that brick-and-mortar retail locations are fizzling away as consumers flock to the Internet.

Credit to Yahoo Finance

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