How to Optimize and Manage Business Workflow in the Era of Technology

Managing a Business Workflow appears Business-Management
to be complicated at first glance!

But then don’t forget that, we live in the era of technology
that has improved our lives in many ways. Optimizing workflow
with advanced software like Document Management Systems
improves productivity, eliminates clutter, and increases ROI.
In this post, we will be talking about business
workflow (process) and its management.

When we discuss about myriads of businesses struggling to manage workflow, one thing pops up in our minds is the “system”! What would be your suggestion in terms of managing a large number of documents or a heap of documents? Solutions are many; however it varies from business to business. Being an owner of a business, you should know the ways of optimizing the workflow. If you do not manage it, you will lose your employees and faith of your clients as well. This may sound harsh, but the only thing you need to implement is, “managing the business workflow through advanced systems”! So, let’s focus our attention on a business workflow, how it should be, how to optimize it, what are the benefits thereof and what are the outcomes gained by optimizing business workflow in this era of technology!

Nature of Traditional Workflow and Management

How many of you have geared up with traditional workflow? Surely, you might be one of those businessmen, who might have experimented traditional workflow to manage your business! Haven’t you? No wonder, you might have faced delays and inconsistencies! Yes, this was sure to happen. When you go for traditional workflow, there are chances of getting stuck in between and thus optimization gets slowed!

In traditional workflow each business document is routed via one department to another, this process involves manual evaluation, review, and approval and so on. Such type of traditional workflow appears to be time consuming and full of hurdles. In traditional workflow, you will notice progress becomes stagnant at one pace and tracking of documents takes long time.

Trailing with Traditional Workflow Pitfalls

No matter how old your business is! It may suffer if the workflow is not advanced and streamlined. If there is a lack of hi-end tech systems in your business, then there could be darkness! Trailing with traditional workflow may create difficulties and thus prevent your business from success. Proven pitfalls of traditional workflow are as follows:

–          Slow paced work lists

–          Confused Workflow Navigation

–          Managing multiple desktops with multiple tasks

–          Inadequate network/bandwidth

–          Obsolete systems

–          Dependency on Manpower

–          The process of comparing a case takes longer time.


Today’s Tools and Technology – A Boon! Envision towards Success!

Technology – a buzz word in this era has become a powerful tool. We, being the dwellers of hi-end tech globe, come across with the latest tools, technology, gadgets etc. Some technology is used in homes, offices while some used in businesses. Simply speaking, today’s tools and technology are a boon for us; they have transformed our lives drastically by making life styles easier and faster than before.

We are revolving around various forms like smart phones, laptops, iPad, Tablets etc; such gadgets have shared our burden in many ways. Be it a personal usage or professional; advanced technology is here to serve you with several revolutionary software that help managing business workflow. Today’s Workflow Management Systems have evolved to help optimize the collaboration of entities in a front office business process.

An Effective Business Workflow Optimization & Management, a Long Term Approach!

Now that you have understood the nature of traditional workflow and its pitfalls, its time to chip in for ‘how your business workflow can be optimized and managed easily with the help of advanced tools”! Software like Document Management Systems (DMS) is a great helping hand. Let’s unfold how it helps manage and optimizing the business workflow.


–          You can store business documents in a central repository.

–          Documents can be indexed and well maintained in the repository.

–          The Advanced Document Management System is well equipped with hi-end security features.

–          You can view and retrieve files/documents/folders from every nook and corner of the world.

–          A flexible approach with certain rules can help adjusting the data dynamically.

–          Data/Documents can be scanned with digital signature.

–          End users can use DMS as a service from remote places.

–          An advanced DMS can convert business documents in various formats like PDF, MS Word, and Excel etc. supporting diverse languages including English, Hindi, Arabic and many more.

–          Processes can be facilitated for equivalent or sequential single, group, or multi-tiered approval.


Benefits Offered by Advanced Tools & Technologies


Have you pushed your business workflow with advanced tools? If your answer is No then, your workflow managed traditionally is not enough! Running a business and not having advanced tools is like using a smart phone and not using the Internet! Does it sound weird? Yes, it does.


When you are blessed with highly developed software/tools then why don’t you deploy them for your betterment? Every software or tool has better side; it has something great to offer. Let’s have a glance at the benefits offered by advanced technologies.


  • Increase Efficiency: Today’s era has introduced tools that not only increase work productivity but also lowers the ongoing cost of acquisition and operation. An effective workflow management resolves the crisis of maintaining, searching, tracking business documents.


  • Increase ROI: Return On Investment (ROI) is increased hence your business gain maximum results within a defined time. However it varies from business to business.


  • Meet with Clients’ Satisfaction: Clients’ satisfaction is your success! An efficient workflow management helps your business meet with client’s needs. It cuts off the manual work and hence save time and money. That’s what every client wants!


  • Easy Payment Processing: An advanced workflow management will allow you to have an easy payment procedure. Payment process becomes faster and hence, payments can be done in a jiffy across the globe.


  • Easy Management: Document Workflow Management is the key element. In today’s rapid paced world, easy management is hard to find, however advanced document management system can easily optimize and manage the workflow by maintaining business documents in a secured repository.


So, don’t let your business under-perform in this fast paced world. A competent workflow is an identity of business, so get your business workflow optimized and managed before your success gets affected!


An Author Bio:
Being an avid tech blogger, Pranay Roy has an enormous knowledge in Document Management Software, Currently he is placed in Document Management System & Scanning Software Company of India.

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