How retweets work with viral Marketing

The strength of Twitter as a messaging service is its short message feature; besides, the service is user-friendly. Provided you can type within the character limit and are able to work with some fundamental concepts, you can use Twitter easily and swiftly in comparison with a good number of other instant-messaging clients. Besides, there is no need of installing it on the computer in order to use it.


This is one of the basic concepts that involve sending one’s favourite tweet, or the tweet that one approves to followers. Majority of Twitter traffic is generated from retweets; it is also an essential part of the site’s ability to achieve viral content promotion. When a retweet gathers substantial steam, it is capable of making the rounds of the whole web just in a jiffy.

The answer to how this works so efficiently lies in the overlapping spheres concept. Think of Venn diagram. It features two or more circles representing some spheres of influence, and a mutual sphere is described by the overlap. Using this analogy, overlap represents or is the retweet, while the followers of the re-tweeter are represented by the spheres.

What to Retweet

You can retweet just anything; however, the present day’s Twitter etiquette requires more than that. As a user or brand, you should retweet just the things you are genuinely interested in; it could be something that you feel will interest the audience. Also, the object of retweet could be something appealing for your niche. There is no certainty about what will go viral.

Certain programs make retweeting of things easier, these programs also help in evaluation of retweet performance (if need be). Using tools like Tweetbranch and Tweetdeck, you can organize tweets and retweets into logical conversations of info, which could be tracked or keep up with easily, and also to determine the statistics of those that respond to particular retweets or tweets. With this, Twitter has come into the realm of web metrics and analytics – and this can surely be a benefit in regards to viral marketing.

However, Twitter is basically about impulsive action. Once a user is trapped in the cycle of pausing to assess the measurable influence of each retweet, such user may begin to hedge on bets and skip certain topics. When you over-think retweet, the entire impulsiveness is eliminated from the game. Therefore, ensure that you do not overanalyze.  The whole thing should be fun.

Additionally, bear in mind that it is not every brand that is immediate or consciously done. People that visit and use the web have their own minds and ideas as well; also, their attitudes, moods and states of mind are vast and different. They may likely not want to see a thing or topic being retweeted over and over again, they would certainly want another flow of thought, or a good spice-up on the subject of previous retweet. Perhaps you still do not get a full grasp of what should constitute retweeting. Just see it this way; if you just conceive it in your mind to retweet a subject, act spontaneously and do not start over-thinking!


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