How Business can benefit from new emerging Technologies


People are often frightened by technology and concerned about how
technological advancements might leave them behind, but realistically
understanding technology is not a difficult task and it is more than possible
for businesses to understand how they can benefit.

Here you will find lots of hints and tips that will move you in the right
direction and get you thinking about how you as a small business can benefit too.

If you are large business then you probably have a budget to send all of your staff on training courses regardless of the expense or the location. If you have the resources for this then that’s great but how many businesses actually have the ability to do this? Smaller businesses require the same training but have a much smaller budget. There are plenty of online courses that can help though and are accessible at the click of a button.

Using free open source software applications

Open source software provides a business with all of the office programmes they need but does not involve the same costs, which is why many businesses opt for open source software for the applications they use from day-to-day. You will have the same functionality that you have with more expensive applications, such as the ability to use a word processor and create a spreadsheet but without having to install expensive software.

Using VoIP to contact people around the world

VoIP is a virtual telephone that allows people to communicate with each other all over the world providing there is internet access and costs far less than a landline. People can connect to each other from different continents to keep each other updated about important information without having to worry about the telephone bill.

Holding virtual conferences

Getting people together from different locations can be a hassle and very few people have the ability to group together as often as they need to without worrying about travelling costs and the loss of manpower for the business for the time they are away from the office. Teleconferences allow people to meet virtually while based in their own locations. There are some teleconferencing services out there that are absolutely free and won’t cost you anything to use. It is easy to see why many people choose to meet in this way especially when they are based at locations from all over the world.

Tracking your projects

If you charge your clients by the hour then a time tracking tool that allows you to keep a track on all of the time you spend working for a client will help you work out an accurate bill. There is also the option of allowing you to check out how much time you usually spend on a particular task so that you can provide estimates for your work more efficiently.

Charging your clients with online invoices

There are lots of different ways to take payments online and you can find really helpful ways to invoice your clients. There are also lots of different apps that will help you keep account of your books too, regardless of the kind of business you are or how substantial your business’s earning are.

Accessing your office computer from any location

As a business owner you and your staff may not be able to be based in your office all day every day but you may still have the need to access your primary office computer to complete important tasks. Remote desktop applications will allow you to do this from another mobile device so that you can take care of those important tasks regardless of where you are based from day-to-day.

Tracking your appointments online

It can be difficult to keep track of all of the appointments you make throughout the week but it is far better to keep a record online. There are some really useful ways to do this with online scheduling so that you can see your week ahead mapped out for you.




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