Getting your business on Google Places: How it works

Google Places: A whole lot of local businesses strive to attain top ranking in Google with a judicious inference of relevant keywords or phrases that the users ought to be searching for. You can find a wide range of information sources on how to get your site into the Big Search Engine – Google. However, one of the essential things missing in such articles is the mention of Google Places as one of the best means to get on top of the Google search page.

‘Places’ is the default business directory of Google; the previous Google business directory was replaced by  Google Places, which provides more versatile ways of promoting a business, as well as the ability to include video, photos, promotions or coupons. Google Places also enables you to include updates that have similar status as Twitter.

Someone who already has Google local business listing is integrated already and can simply sign in to experiment with the new features. If everything is new to you, get the directions here.

Google Places Listing – Why it is important


Google Places account is as important to every business as food is to living beings. Google wants to ensure that valuable and relevant business listings are made available to web visitors searching for those who provide services locally. For instance, in a situation where a person residing in Tucson, AZ is searching for Tucson florists on Google, it will display a set of Places listings for florists in Tucson AZ. In search results for real estate, these placements are the most excellent that you can find. Literally, they are showed first since Google sees them to be highly prioritized in terms of relevancy.

Therefore, if you are yet to be listed, you have missed massive valuable traffic that has high potential of translating to real business. Do you know that you don’t even need a website to be listed in Google Places? Some business owners who were not able to generate meaningful traffic have attested to the fact that their traffic skyrocketed immediately after they created a Google Places account. If you are a local business owner, you are doing your business a lot of harm by not getting listed on Google Places.


Tips on Setting Up Google Places Account


You must have a Google account to set up Google Places account. This is not a big deal; Google will walk you through the process on how to get it done if you don’t have Google account.


  • If the Google account you currently have is just as your personal account such as gmail, it is necessary to sign up for a separate account dedicated to your business.
  • Verification of account is necessary; this can be achieved either via voice call, text message or via mail. The essence is to prevent any scam or fraud.

To create your Google Places account:

  1. Log on to

Start filling out all the details for your business; then click next.

  1. You will be asked if you have an already existing business listing; depending on your answer, choose either ‘Add Listing’  or ‘Claim Listing’
  2. Verify your listing immediately via phone to quicken the publishing of your listing. Other options are mail and SMS.

Once your account is verified, you are listed in Google Places! Note that if you choose ‘verify by phone’ you must keep your phone handy for Google call.


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