Google Places: Best Google Places tips and Tools for Small Businesses

If you’ve got Google Places, Yelp or Binge account, the tips outlined here will assist you in attaining the top of local search results.

If you operate your business locally as an attorney, plumber, florist, local accountant, coffee shop operator and similar services, it is important that you claim your free listing on Google or other search engines’ Local search. You can then, employ the below given tips to get on top of the listings:


First thing first – claim your listing

If you want to be successful on Google Places, Binge or Yelp for local search, the most important thing to do is to claim your listing on each of these places.

Your Listing must emphasise your keywords heavily

Web visitors who are looking for any information, make their search by typing in keywords. For instance, someone looking for a good hair stylist in Los Angeles will Google-in ‘hair stylists Los Angeles. Emphasize heavily on your keywords when writing your business listing, but ensure that you are neither too spammy nor too modest about it.

Emphasize on your business areas

A good number of service providers such as plumbers, roofers as well as yard-care service providers go to people’s homes to render the services, while others may pitch at a place in one community which could be a petite town near a renowned or big city. An instance can be cited when a wedding florist who services the whole of New York happens to be located in Yonkers. When creating a Google Places listing account, it is important to set your service area accurately. Go to ‘Service Area’ icon and choose the applicable description. This way, you can expand your service area so as to service more customers. However, ensure that you are only setting service areas you are skilful at.

Online customers’ review is very important

Make sure you encourage online customer reviews, but you must do it carefully. In addition to the keywords contained in your company name, categories and descriptions, customer reviews help immensely in assisting a business achieve stunning success at Google Places, Bing as well as Yelp Local. However, you must not solicit for reviews from colleagues and relatives; let the reviews come naturally from your customers by encouraging them to do so. Of course, if you render exceptional service to customers, they will surely leave good reviews. Encouraging customers to leave a review should be done tactfully.

If you need help – Go ahead and Ask

Google provides ‘Google Places Help Forum’, there is also ‘Yelp for Business Owners as well as Bing help Forums. These help features come with helpful videos to assist you.

Track Conversation

Master your keywords and ensure that you search out your competitors’ details. Also, be quick at recognizing your own name. It helps to put up saved searches on the various places – Google, Bing and Yelp; searching for fresh reviews on your company will be easier and faster. Google Alerts service is also a quick way to get information via mail regarding any review on your business or offerings.

Don’t expect positive reviews always, some people would want to review your business negatively. However, you have to react politely and look for a way to improve and make customers happy in order to get better reviews subsequently.


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