Microsoft Excel Training will improve the Productivity in your Office

Realise the power to manipulate and process data
The Microsoft Office suite of products is a store-house of vast functonal features that are constantly updated with newer versions of the improved product. If you are not entirely making use of the full functionality of these products, you are missing out on the “power to manipulate and process data”. Collecting huge amounts of strategic data to serve your business needs becomes immaterial if you do not have an innovative way to organise and analyse it.

3 key features of Microsoft Excel that improves your office productivity

You can improve your office productivity by extensive use of Excel and use of its custom built spreadsheet tools. It is like empowering your data with intelligent processing thus providing you with crucial information. Some of these Excel tools include:

1. Pivot Tables

Storage of high volumes of data and creative information are the pre-requesites to any business. It is just not wise and viable for large amounts of such highly variable data to be stored on a single spreadsheet. It could be confusing and tedious to extract the right information at the right time.

Using pivot tables, such data can be organised into manageable chunks of information. It also allows you to access and compare data instantly. Getting trained to use Pivot tables is one of most beneficial skills that your team will be learning in creatively implementing Excel.
You will learn how rows and columns of data in the Excel spreadsheets become critical sources of information powerhouses. Once you feed data to pivot tables, it can be returned as processed  data or information in innumerable ways. High selling products can be listed out by trained experts for specific time periods or for customer categories etc. You can also chalk out buyer demographics pattern or any other information as per your creative intution.

2. Sales Tracking Tools
The winning formula for any marketing business would be the creation of friendly competition among co-staff in an office – coupled with good incentives. The main motivations for any sales personnel are:

  1. Monetary reward
  2. competition and
  3. recognition.

Learning to use all functons of Excel graphs in ways never thought of before, would most certainly help you build an all inclusive sales dashboard. Since every business could have its own specific statistics to track in terms of sales, you can create custom sales tracking tools in Excel.
Your sales team can document their vital sale statistics on Excel documents (created by the Sales Manager) with data representing the number of sales, number of inquiries, sales by product etc. This data can then be used to generate a whole series of visually appealing graphs and charts that instantly displays sales percentages by product, productivity, percentage of leads that become sales, and much more. Instant and accurate graphical data has become a boon for the sales associates beause it helps them identify their strengths and weaknesses. It motivates them to compete with themselves and also with others, for driving more sales.

3. Interactive Web Spreadsheets

With some good Excel training, you can acquire knowledge on how to create interactive web spreadsheets. Being quite interesting and informative, it not only draws visitors to your website, but also entices them in coming back sooner or later. The interactive web spreadsheet tools include bulk sales calculators, loan calculators, and investment growth prediction calculators that are automatically updated based on the values entered.

As long as visitors get quality information from your website, through the various interactive web spreadsheet tools, they will keep coming back. Getting along from here, as long as potential customers stay on your website, they are more likely to purchase your product or service. This can increase the number of backlinks to your website in the long run. More quality backlinks means higher ranking on the results page of top search engines. Hence, interactive tools are priceless in items of search engine rankings.

We hope this information was of assistance

the TIB Team