An introduction to a new phenomenon called the Connected Car

Traditionally, we look at cars as automated machines Car-Technology
that are used to transport people or goods from one
place to the other while protecting them from weather elements.

Imagine that this car also acts as a wireless hub, or lets you to connect to
the Internet or lets you listen to the news or control your gadgets?
Well, this is now fast becoming a reality. Cars that come with these built-in
features to interact with gadgets and the world outside are called connected cars.

With cloud computing and IoT (Internet of Things) technology developing at a rapid pace,
your car can now connect to a plethora of cloud services. Being able to call 911 in case of an
emergency or ordering goods from your car is a possibility that is just round the corner.

Major players in the connected car industry

Well known auto-makers like Ford, Mercedes, General Motors, BMW and Volkswagen already have
services in their cars that let the car owner or driver to control gadgets by voice or touch-screen.
There are cars in which a call is automatically made to the emergency services when the automated airbag opens up, indicating an accident. This is a helpful feature in case the driver is not conscious or gravely injured.

It was estimated by IHS iSupply automotive Research, that 4.5 million connected cars were sold
within the last one year and this number is supposed to go up to 22.7 million within the next
four years and no car manufacturer wants to be left behind in caching on these new demands.

Connecting a car

Imagine this, like you ‘dock’ your iPad or phone to automatically get software updates,
you will be able to dock your car within your parking and get relevant updates for your
software and features in the car.

With the latest software and updates available to you at your fingertips or within
shouting range from within your car, you may be able to pay bills using your credit
cards from within your car without rolling down your windows. These features can be
used to make payments for fuel, gas as well as tolls.

You can switch on the air-conditioner or the heater remotely and arrive at your
car with the temperature already as per your liking.

The Flipside of a connected Car

The main issue that people face at this point in time is that the car manufacturers
are using the connectivity of their smartphones to connect to these services.
The bandwidth that is otherwise used is not very high and all features are not possible
at this time. The car manufacturers will have to think on improving these facilities
before building in more features to take the concept of a connected car to the next level.

Conclusion regarding the connected Car

So, now, with the traditional benefits of having a car, and aspiring for a sleeker design
or faster speeds, car users can now also use the car as an office, a place to keep connected
to the world and also to keep them safe and alert. With the demands for connectivity increasing,
car manufacturers are looking at varied improved options to keep you well connected from within your car.

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