All you need to know about Business Intelligence Software [Infographic]

Even the most basic data collection can give you some metrics to analyze. For example, if you have people who are able to fill out a “gender” button, you can know what mix the audience you’re reaching is of male and female. But there’s much more to data than just the basics, which is why there’s business intelligence, or BI, software.

Choosing the right BI software is a complex decision with lots of layers and factors. Because it can help improve decision making and drive revenue, it’s of use to a variety of stakeholders in your business. And it can contain a number of built-in tools for reporting and performance management, among other tools.

Want to make the right choice for your needs—now and in the future?

Use the information in this graphic for help.

What's Your BIQ? All You Need to Know about Business Intelligence Software

Via Salesforce

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