A guide to the various methods of Training in Microsoft Excel

Being one of the most popular spreadsheet  Excel
applications, Microsoft Excel is used by businesses,
as well as homes, all over the world.

While using the software will help your business reach its
maximum potential, not everyone is proficient with
spreadsheet — as it can be quite difficult to

There are many Microsoft Excel training methods.
Finding the right MS Excel training will require you to
choose one that meets the unique needs of your company.

If the method and location of the training aren’t suitable,
the overall result will not be as effective.
Check out the difference between each method below.

Off-site MS Excel Training
This is a type of MS Excel training that will be done at the trainer’s location – meaning your employees will need to go to the trainer’s training facilities. One of the biggest advantages to this method is that the venue will be optimised for training, allowing your employees to get the best training experience. There will be no unnecessary interruptions to the training. The disadvantage of this type of training method is that it may be inconvenient for your employees to go to the training facilities.

On-site MS Excel Training
The other method of training is to have it on your own business facilities. While there will be no issues of getting to the training place, on-site training comes with some disadvantages. Namely, there may be frequent interruptions from other employees that aren’t listed for the training. Plus, not all businesses have the supporting facilities for the MS Excel training. So keep these factors in mind.

Common Venue MS Excel Training
A common venue is an excellent compromise between the two methods of MS Excel training mentioned above. Holding the training at a third-party venue will allow employees to conveniently go there and follow the training without interruptions. The downside of this method is the cost of renting the place and supporting facilities.

MS Excel E-Training
Alternatively, your company can go the e-learning route. It is a no-brainer that MS Excel requires a
computer to learn the application. Then it is feasible to go a step further by choosing a company
that gives MS Excel training over the internet. This method of training allows the employees to learn
the application at their own pace and choose their own schedule. The downside of e-learning is that
not all employees are disciplined enough to follow through the whole training.

Which Method to Choose?
So the many methods of MS Excel training have been laid out before you – how do you decide which one is best for your company? As mentioned, it’s best to choose the MS Excel training that will fit the unique needs of you company. If you are still unsure, contact Progressive Training for solutions and advice on the training method that is most suitable for your needs.

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