Virtual Phone Systems

Virtual Phone Systems for business , these Virtual IP PBX Systems

Virtual or cloud Based IP PBX Systems are digital and utilise software located
within the cloud (online) so there is no need for an internal hardware based
system to be installed within the individual business anymore.
As everything is stored and accesses remotely,
it provides a business with a number of immediate benefits.
Our software based system is feature rich and much cheaper to install
and support and offers a number of advantages over traditional Hardware PBX systems.One of the main advantages is their ability to transmit calls internationally over the Internet,
thereby avoiding long-distance phone charges.­

Here are further Benefits:

  • Major Cost Savings: There is no need for an expensive hardware based switchboard to be
    installed on-site anymore, using the Internet the Phones extensions
    connect themselves direct to a virtual switchboard located within the cloud.


  • This virtual switchboard is now also digital so it has many more
    features compared to its older analog cousin.


  • The  service is paid incrementally; so the customer only pays as they use it.


  • Everything is located within the cloud so you don’t have to pay any more for hardware
    maintenance or software upgrade costs as everything is updated centrally within the cloud.


  • As the internal extensions are virtual and  connect via the cloud (Internet) they can be located in varying locations allowing you connect your offices together into one virtual
    switchboard system ( Anywhere in the world ).


  • As all the  international calls are routed via the Internet there is a major cost savings
    on calls. The system provides unlimited calls to landlines in the United Kingdom, United Sates, Canada, Spain, Germany, France, Ireland and Australia from only $20 per month.


Thanks the TIB Team




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