6 tips on how to create an effective Train the Trainer program

Devising the best training materials and packages Workforce
in the world will not be effective without the presence
of a competent trainer. By competent, this means
the trainer has to be knowledgeable, passionate,
devoted and has good understanding
of the training materials.

If you have been finding some difficulties
in your “train the trainer” program, note that
you may not have been taking all the necessary steps to
make the program effective. Here are some tips on how
to create an effective “train the trainer” program.

Set a Clear Goal
Determine the objective of the “train the trainer” program. If you are not sure, simply ask yourself
what knowledge and skills do you expect the trainers to gain from taking the program. A more focused
program will yield better outcome.

Select the Best Person
Those who are selected to conduct the training program should be those who are the most qualified and
have the most experience. If you can’t find a person within the organisation that has such experience
and expertise, hiring an outside trainer can be considered.

The Right Curriculum or content
Determine the curriculum and materials that the trainers need to learn. Make sure that the curriculum
is still relevant with the current condition of the organisation. If it was developed years ago, chances are
new curriculum and materials will have to be developed. In that case, some research needs to be done
to update the old curriculum or content.

Interactive Approach
Those who conduct the “train the trainers” program should make sure that curriculum and materials
are being presented in a non-rigid way that will not bore the participant. Creating an interactive learning
experience can help ensure that the participants will be eager to actively participate, which in return will
help create a more conducive and effective learning atmosphere.

Clear Timetable
Create a timetable of the “train the trainer” program in order to provide participants with a clear
overview of the whole program. This also allows the participants to know in advance what
they can expect to learn and what supporting learning materials they should prepare.

It is important to conduct a program evaluation after the training course is completed, where all
stakeholders are included in the evaluation process. This is a great way to measure the effectiveness
of the “train the trainers” program. The evaluation process is also the perfect moment to ask each
stakeholder to give feedback. Any weaknesses that the program may have can be improved on the next
batch, while the good ones should be maintained.

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